Chinua Achebe : 1930 – 2013

I was around fifteen when I first read Things Fall Apart. It was a set book for our English class. We were, or at least I was, reading an account of Nigeria’s history – and more broadly Africa’s history – in the face of colonialism and not contextualising what it really meant.

Street Art

In high school, I used to doodle, draw and cover every surface of my school files with images and words, which whilst seemingly random or nonsensical were coded in meaning for something that was going on in my life during those adolescent years. The one recurring image was a “Kilroy was here” image, whose original…

Intellectualizing Hopper

I went to the Edward Hopper exhibition at the Grand Palais yesterday. It was refreshing to walk through an exhibition and not feel the need to find some intellectual meaning behind the paintings. Let me take a step back. The last exhibition I went to see was the Dali at Centre Pompidou. Granted that I…

An artist and a baker

He is first an artist, then a baker. This is what Bruno, just Bruno,  the man who plies students and passers-by alike with his pastries and tarts from his boulangerie on rue St.Jacques in the sixth arrondissement tells me. For the first month while making my way to my French class, I would quickly slip…

Ice-skating at the Grand Palais

The last time I was at the Grand Palais, under its expansive nave, was for the Monumenta 2012 exhibition. Yesterday we went for the ice-skating. We went early, armed with our pre-purchased tickets, and prepped for a morning of fun. I had my children and two of their friends, with varying degrees of skating experience.