Death by chocolate

A popular breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea place, filled with both locals and tourists alike. It is more popular with tourists I think given its proximity to all the things that draw tourists to this city. The Tuilieres gardens are just across the road, as is the Louvre, and of course there is Rue de Rivoli and its luxury shops for the captive tourist.

To a genius with a golf club.

bef90-ballesteros3Last night I watched a Supersport tribute to Seve Ballesteros  who died on May 7th. Described as a maverick, daring and passionate…not words associated with golfers by any means. Yes, the likes of Gary Player and of course Tiger Woods have had their fair share of hyperbolic compliments heaped upon them, and deservedly so, but Seve was…bold. 

This was a player credited with words such as: “It doesn’t matter where you hit the drive if you make the putt” ,and other gems such as: “The more you go into trees, the more you have practice”.

On being well read

I came across this post on one of my favourite blogs and it roused something in me about, what truly makes one well read. I have always grappled with this even more so because in my formative years, high school and all though my undergraduate years I was exposed more to the western classics; from Shakespeare, Brontë and Austen, to the Huxleys, Wells’ and Orwells of the literary world. Mandated rather than pleasure reading to be sure, but I still read them.
My foray into African literature however came late in life – call it the result of a purely British school curricula and a lack of awareness of the literary treasures just beyond the borders of my country, but it was only in graduate school where my eyes were opened to a whole new world.