Thousand hand Buddha…brilliant!

Last night I took my daughter to the My Dream Charity Show put on by the China Disabled Peoples’ Performing Art Troupe at the National Theatre. On a school night? I know, but the show was in Accra for two nights only and it has received rave reviews internationally.

Moving, synchronized dances, and all the more powerful when you consider the timing that has to go into the movements given that the dancers do not hear the music – although they were being cued through sign language.


75045-img_2258Title: The Centre Cannot Hold – A Memoir of my schizophrenia

Author: Elyn R. Saks

Published: 2007

Genre: Memoir

I enjoyed this book tremendously and was also completely horrified by some aspects of it. Why horrified? The thought that one can go through the experiences that she went through; the misdiagnosis of her illness, the forced admission into mental hospitals and subsequent forced drug treatment – and all due to the fragile definition of what is defined as mentally stable.

Gastronomy in Ghana: Bella Roma

A lounge bar that combines a delicatessen and a restaurant all under one roof. Bella Roma has managed to draw crowds given it has only been on Accra’s scene for just over a year. Their attempt of a Mojito is commendable – you just have to make a special request for the crushed ice, and the ambiance is – to borrow from my daughter’s vocabulary – cool.

Gastronomy in Ghana: Magnolia’s Restaurant & Bar

It was my second visit to Magnolia’s and this time I was more than impressed with the level of service. There has been a huge improvement since the last time I was there. The waitress introduced herself brought our menus and took our drinks orders the moment we sat down. They even go all out to provide the young ones with a special menu and colouring paper and crayons while they wait.
We went for waffles but decided on pancakes and chips and chicken wings – with milk shakes for the kids. Simple, well presented and tasty. Still love their toasted baguette with garlic butter that they bring out while you wait.

Does award-winning always mean good?

Twice in the last month I have had discussions around the issue of whether ‘award-winning’ necessarily equates to good. Different audiences, different situations. The discussions were around books, and what enhances or detracts from their enjoyment. More concisely: does the fact that a book is listed as an award-winning work mean that, after we all rush off to buy our respective copies, due to its elevated status as a literary work, we will necessarily find it a good read?

Wandering eye: Paris Monuments

These are some of the pictures taken in Paris in the Summer of 2010. Taken from the top of Les Cars Rouges tour bus. It had just stopped raining after a scorching hot day, and the sun was coming out from behind the clouds again. Played around with the sepia colour on the edit feature. I like it.