Conversations in Ghana: Anna Kurtycz – Artist

I have had countless encounters with wonderful people in this city and it is a shame that they are not always shared. Well, this one is to sharing… Anna Kurtycz is a renowned Mexican artist specialising in engraving and woodcut who has been living in Accra for two years. She has held numerous exhibitions with local artists and holds workshops at her studio with local artists as a means to get people more aware of local and regional talent.

Gastronomy in Ghana: Afrikiko Resort in Akosombo

An hour drive from Accra gives you a trip out of town and the chance to have freshwater-reared Tilapia looking out at Lake Volta. I find it interesting that although Tilapia is actually not an indigenous fish but was introduced to Ghana some ten years ago, yet has firmly become the country’s favourite fish, and prepared well, it makes for a tasty fish.
Afrikiko is a small(ish) resort on the banks of Lake Volta and near the Akosombo Dam, which is popular with tourists, expats and Ghanaians alike.

Eating for a good cause…always a pleasure.

For a change this post is not just about food…well, not entirely. The signage directed me to ‘High Tea’ at Labadi Beach Hotel this morning and for a moment I groaned inwardly. As much as I love going for ‘High Tea’ at posher than posh hotels, I was really hoping that Labadi had deviated from the norm just a bit this time. They had indeed. I can’t remember the last time I had prawns for breakfast, but prawns it was, done tempura style. There were salmon and cream wraps, profiteroles stuffed with a variety of fillings, bacon-wrapped sausages and a huge array of pastries and bread. But we were there for a good cause and that made the experience all the more worthwhile.

Places & Gastronomy in Ghana: Art Deco Furniture at The Orangery

First you view the exquisite art deco furniture in Art Deco, located in Adabraka, then you sit out on the patio and enjoy your crepes. The Orangery bills itself as a creperie; and crepes were the order of the day when we visited.
It was suggested by a friend who had been there once and could not stop raving about the crepes served there.
The furniture at Art Deco is exquisite, and is indeed art deco furniture – minimalistic clear lines and more importantly locally made. This is one of the better, if not best furniture stores in Accra but it’s like a well-kept secret. Why I don’t know, because it has truly beautiful furniture.

Gastronomy in Ghana: Cafe dez Amis

6e912-img_0225Some of the best croissants in Accra can be had here. On a good day you will definitely get light, flaky on the outside and soft on the inside, golden croissants…
on others you may not be as fortunate but there is plenty to choose from on their very extensive menu with the choice varying from pastries and light breakfasts to salads, hamburgers, some Ghanaian dishes, continental choices and even snack platters.