Places in Ghana: Uzuri

Uzuri, meaning ‘Goodness’ in Swahili is a newly-opened gift shop in Labone
that stocks a wide variety of beaded sandals, woven handbags, kikoy cloth, earrings and decorative beaded pieces all sourced from Kenya.
It’s owner, and true entrepreneur  Caroline Ochieng, who has brought with her a bit of East Africa to West Africa opened shop in August this year.

A ship in harbour

I was on a warship on Monday night and it was quite an experience. Yes, it was docked and floating at zero knots – but I was on a ship that has been at sea for the past seven months – stopping at various ports around the world…the wanderlust in me was thrilled to no end.

Golf in the tropics

I was invited to play in a Golf Tournament this past Saturday. I have never played in as many golf tournaments as I have since moving to Accra. In Ghana, if you are a golfer, you must play in tournaments. Why? Well this is the only way to guarantee that your handicap will be adjusted accordingly. Why the scores submitted in non-competitive games do not count is beyond me.

Banking 101

I remember wondering whether banking in Ghana was really as bad an experience as some expat-oriented websites warned before I moved here. It all sounded very ominous and downright scary. There were accounts detailing experiences with ATMs that copied bank account details and proceeded to empty accounts once users were done,

Places in Ghana: Marvels Mini Golf

The mid-term break came and went quietly and we were not for a moment stuck for things to do.  There is plenty to do in Accra with young kids, at least up until the tweenie age – just a matter of knowing where to go. And this does not have anything to do with giving kids money and letting them run riot at Accra Mall; a pet peeve of mine.

Conversations in Ghana: Nana Anoff – Artist

Affable, confident and relaxed is how I found Nana Anoff, the artist. He willingly allowed me to spend a morning with him discussing his art, how he came to be an artist and the things that refresh him creatively.
Wanderlust: Who is Nana Anoff; painter or sculptor?

Painting is what he started off doing almost fifteen years ago; merely because he found himself in debt after a business venture gone wrong. He then worked briefly for a car rental company as the artist doing some of their marketing, the receptionist and the driver.

Gastronomy in Ghana: Arlecchino Gelateria Italiana

Gelato in Accra! Ghana never ceases to amaze. My children, who have become my official reviewers of restaurants and places to go, and I have uncovered a gem of a place for real Italian ice-cream. Arlecchino opened its doors about  a year ago promising real Italian ice-cream and we have as yet not been disappointed. The shop, though not that big, offers a wide display of varied flavours – which they will let you taste before you make your choice – that in itself is a treat.