The Pink Month

51211-thepinkmonthI have not been inundated with emails from friends, acquaintances or companies calling for my support of Breast Cancer Month and asking me to display, just for this month, my pink ribbon either on my screen saver, my being or anywhere really where I can be reminded of the global efforts in the fight against breast cancer. I am rather dismayed by this. The rest of the world is complaining about Pink Ribbon fatigue, but Ghana is nowhere close to even raising levels of awareness to such heights.

Guilty by Association

The detention of the wife of Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo; whose awarding of the Prize by the Nobel Committee this year has been mired in controversy, is further affirmation that when it comes to issues political, one can be found guilty by mere association as much of the world’s history has illustrated.
Similarly is the company one keeps in the very small expat circles in Accra, which provide a microcosmic perspective of the world at large.

Gastronomy in Ghana: Mamma Mia’s Restaurant & Pizzeria

Sunday in our house is and has always been the day we either go all out; making a Sunday lunch with all the trimmings or going out for lunch.

Pizza Sundays have become quite popular with us venturing out to one of Ghana’s best pizzerias. They have an open kitchen where you can watch the entire process from the making of the bases to the baking of the pizza, and they use a wood-fired oven.

Charley, do you chew fufu?

Maaha (pr. Maa-ha) – Good Afternoon!
Now that I have almost lost the Obroni tag; I am now looking to have more than the basic Twi in my repertoire of languages.
I started Twi lessons again this morning. Our group was meant to use the W.E.B. Du Bois Centre, but we have now moved to a different venue. We’re a small group of eight with a Twi teacher determined to have us writing theses in Twi before the year is out. Who said slave driver?

An injection of International culture

There is always something going on in Accra, whether it’s a classical music concert or a car launch – yes I know, a car launch. I have also been invited to the launch of a new make of Fruit Juice by a very reputable bottling company…yes, right up there with the opening of an envelope….

More seriously, one can actually find oneself out every night doing one thing or another in this city, you just have to be more discerning of where and what you choose to do. There is indeed a little bit of everything for everyone.

Whipping that body into shape

Getting to the gym is the one thing in my calendar that I have to stay committed to. I make it a point to make it regularly – not just for my weight; which has been tipping the scales on the heav(ier) side since the holidays, but for my sanity. It is the one place I find some respite from this sometimes crazy world and where for at least one hour I can tune out completely and let the moment be about me completing my virtual 5km race or summiting Kilimajaro. Here are a number of places, that I have tried and some that have been recommended.

Of Stationery and School Uniforms

Now that the school holidays are almost over and the madness of getting school uniforms and sorting out stationery kicks in it has hit me how convenience is not a word one can easily associate with living in Ghana. Yes, admittedly in as far as living in Africa goes, Ghana is ‘Africa for Beginners’, but there are constant reminders that convenience is hard to come by at times.

Root canals and power surges


My greatest fear is being in the middle of major surgery and having me re-gain consciousness on the operating table with my insides spilling out…Yes, I have clearly been watching too many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and House is great fodder for an already overactive imagination.

Being in the middle of a root canal procedure and having the power go off is also another of my many fears…and this is closer to reality for me given the unpredictability of Ghana’s electricity supply. Yes, I know that every reputable dentist would have a back-up generator but this was all I could think of during my root canal procedure last week.