Book Review: The Quiet Room by Lori Schiller and Amanda Bennett


Title: The Quiet Room: A Journey out of The Torment of Madness

Author:Lori Schiller and Amanda Bennett


Genre: Memoir

Again I seem to have reverted to yet another book on mental illness. This one is written by Lori Schiller and documents in pedantic detail her first realization that she was “not well” , all through to her current life living with her schizophrenia.
Schiller describes herself as outgoing, athletic, smart and popular prior to her illness. Essentially the perfect child from an affluent family. She first starts hearing voices during  a Summer camp when she is seventeen. Knowing the reaction, from having seen people’s reactions to even minor signs of any “mental” behaviour, she disguises the extent of her problem to family and friends. From then on,  until her graduation from college she learns to live with the voices in her head, yet functioning fairly well.

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