Feeding the hunger at La Gare, Paris

Feeding the hunger. That’s what it felt like. La Gare, located in the 16th arrondissement is an enormous restaurant. We went there the first weekend the kids were away at Camp, because ‘I had always been curious about it’. It is heavily geared towards people with young who still need the distraction of a kiddie corner during those long brunch hours.

On being left behind

One of my friends, who had been in France for three years, left this year. Why is this  significant  given the peripatetic nature of this life? It isn’t really, because you realise after a few years of doing this over and over that it is best to remain on an even keel each time you bid another farewell. What it does highlight is how unaffected I have become to the partings of friends I hold dear.

Coffee & Breakfast at Frenchie to Go

Finally tried out the much talked about Frenchie to Go for their breakfast. This is the small, coffee shop next to its bigger, more popular Frenchie,  the restaurant that has had foodies and food critics talking for the past two years. I have been mildly curious about Frenchie, because the reviews have been too varied – some loved it, and some did not have a good experience, and there were few middle-of-the-range comments. There is also something off-putting about the months-long reservations waiting list.

Lunch at Le Jardin, Geneva

Today was a scorcher! The intense heat we have been having for the past week is unrelenting. As I sat there on the terrace of this restaurant, overlooking Geneva’s immense Water Fountains, it took everything in me not to strip down to the bare minimum. Decorum overtook my desire to cool down. And I think this may not have gone down well with the management.

Solo dining at Les Bouquinistes, Paris

Lured by some of the restaurants that were present at last month’s Taste of Paris, I decided to try Guy Savoy’s Les Bouquinistes. I have driven past it daily on my way from my French classes over the past couple of years and had always made a mental note to try it one day. We recently met friends for dinner at his other restaurant, L’Atelier Maître Albert ,which is like a steakhouse in its meat heavy menu, so I was curious about what Les Bouquinistes had to offer.

Beauté Congo at Fondation Cartier, Paris

The last time I went the Fondation Cartier was almost three years ago for the Ron Mueck exhibition. As with many of the Foundations owned by corporate companies in Paris, think Fondation Louis Vuitton and Fondation EDF, Foundation Cartier also showcases contemporary art.  The current Beauté Congo exhibition, which runs until 15 November, includes painting, sculpture and photography, as well as a music programme.