Gardens and photography

 We spent a day at Jardin des Tuileries last week. It was a busy day of the  Fête des Tuileries, the annual summer carnival, a bit of wandering around the gardens, a photo exhibition and a music show. The  Fête is small, with carnival rides and food stalls selling the usual carnival fare – expect…

Tombs and treasures

Today was the first day of the summer holidays for my kids. This means for the next ten weeks, yes that’s right, ten weeks I have a six and twelve year old to keep busy. Unfortunately I can’t just send them out to play, which was how I remember my school holidays growing up.

Kabuki costumes

It being Museum Wednesday  – a new thing in our family – we tossed a coin to decide between the Museum of Magic and the current Kabuki Japanese Theatre Costumes exhibition at the Fondation Pierre Berge Foundation-YSL.  The latter won out, magic will have to wait.

Mascarades et Carnavals at Musée Dapper

Hidden away in the 16th Arrondissement, Musée Dapper seems incongrous in its surroundings. High-end clothing boutiques, designer stores, an elegant Nespresso boutique, and just off the posh Avenue Victor Hugo is the museum. An artistic and cultural space for Africa, the Caribbean and their diaporas is how the museum bills itself. It is an offshoot…