Everything Art

The Letters from Africa exhibition which has been on at the Brazil House in Jamestown (Old Accra) comes to a close today. I missed it – not from a lack of effort – I went in the morning with a friend and found that it was only open in the afternoons…it was not an entirely wasted trip, the permanent exhibition is interesting also. The images recount the history of the Tabon people in Ghana. Returning slaves from Brazil. It is all explained; from the Portuguese names to the cuisine.

Alabaster Box…Musical Gentlemen


Alabaster Box,  sing what they call ‘Afroppella’, uniquely African sounds mingled with their perfect acappella repertoire. They are an all-male, gospel acappella music quartet whose sound is reminiscent of South Africa’s very own LadySmith Black Mambazo. They are fantastic! For a group that has played to audiences all over the world and toured with world-famous musicians, they were pleasant, extremely humble and positively charming.

The big cheese at Espace Dalí

Again all in the name of venturing to the less well known…Espace Dalí in Montmartre was by far a different experience. I love Montmartre – it’s lively, bustling and very artsy – bohemian all the way. Very different from the shiny Rue de Rivoli. Interesting exhibit – with the very hilarious commentaries and some of the quotations that have been attributed to this eccentric, Surrealist  artist.

Asked what he saw in the relation between time and cheese – the melting clock being a pervasive theme in much of his work and said to have been inspired by the sight of melting camembert – Salvador Dalí ‘s response is said to have been “like a melting cheese, time too flows.” Ok, fair enough – makes sense; when asked to elaborate further he explained that, “I am the cheese”. Definite quotable quotes from the man who declared, “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs”.

Thousand hand Buddha…brilliant!

Last night I took my daughter to the My Dream Charity Show put on by the China Disabled Peoples’ Performing Art Troupe at the National Theatre. On a school night? I know, but the show was in Accra for two nights only and it has received rave reviews internationally.

Moving, synchronized dances, and all the more powerful when you consider the timing that has to go into the movements given that the dancers do not hear the music – although they were being cued through sign language.

Places in Ghana: Manhyia Palace Museum, Kumasi

It was a history lesson about the Ashanti Kingdom and it definitely had us enthralled for the two hours that the entire tour takes. Visitors have an opportunity to watch a video about the Kingdom and then after there is a tour of the museum itself.

We were fortunate enough to have a photo opportunity – which under normal circumstances is never allowed. There is an entrance fee of GHc3 for children and GHc7 for adults. The museum is most definitely worth the visit – our tour guide was excellent; it takes a great deal of talent to hold the attention of a five year old through a tour that long and he did it quite well. After the tour there is a small gift shop, in which you can buy crafts and curios.

An injection of International culture

There is always something going on in Accra, whether it’s a classical music concert or a car launch – yes I know, a car launch. I have also been invited to the launch of a new make of Fruit Juice by a very reputable bottling company…yes, right up there with the opening of an envelope….

More seriously, one can actually find oneself out every night doing one thing or another in this city, you just have to be more discerning of where and what you choose to do. There is indeed a little bit of everything for everyone.