Brunch at Toro Toro, Dubai

Friday brunch, as we learnt,  is as sacred as Sunday lunch in Christian countries. So much that  restaurant websites stipulate that bookings are mandatory for Friday brunch. I suppose you could always wing it, at your own peril though. We went with playing it safe and made reservations. Toro Toro is a Latin-American restaurant that…

Breakfast at the Woolies Café, Morningside

I am not usually a breakfast person. Coffee and a yoghurt normally do it. But occasionally meeting friends for breakfast can be a welcome change from the usual midday dining. My firm favorites for breakfast or brunch are still Nice on 4th in Parkhurst and The Culinary in Lanseria. But the Woolies Cafés, which have become quite ubiquitous in the northern suburbs, also serve up a mean brekkie. The service though, and this goes for ALL of them, is excruciatingly slow. Go when you are not in a rush otherwise you may never return.

Far from the crowds at The Saxon, Sandhurst

There is something that feels rather illicit about being at The Saxon. This luxurious hotel, right in the heart of the city yet hidden discretely away on a random tree-lined road in Sandhurst. I tend to combine my visits with a spa treatment. The very definition of luxury: time, pampering and a sumptuous lunch after. I have yet to try the very lauded Luke Dale Roberts X restaurant – that will have to wait for next year.

Old school dining at Bellagio, Illovo

Lest the title of this post be deceiving, the food is not old school. If anything, a modern take on everything, more fusion in fact. What is old school is the formality of the staff –  the ways the waiters are ever-so-discrete, unobtrusive, but present all at the same time. It is in no way pretentious though, given its somewhat formal feel.