Beautiful Lake Como, Italy

A friend had warned me that two days in Milan would suffice, and this was accurate advice. Thanks Silvia. Milan is a large enough city, but even with the various monuments and abundant art galleries, there is not enough to keep one busy for days on end. More famous for its fashion scene, which was of very little interest to us, we decided to explore beyond its immediate borders. We stole away to Lake Como one day for Tremezzo.

Coffee & gelato at Bianco Latte, Milan.

Bianco Latte became our go-to place for the great good coffee and creamy gelato (it sounds so much better calling it gelato and not ice cream when in Italy) during our stay in Milan. We weren’t the only one charmed by the easy dining concept where we could either have our coffees and croissants at the counters or sit for a full meal in the restaurant. Stark white walls with charming additions of children’s artwork on the walls – the owner’s own perhaps? It was busy mostly in the mornings with the locals passing by for their coffee and croissants on -the-go and a smattering of tourists like us.

Places: Duomo di Milano, Italy

The Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) is a sight to behold. Europe and its cathedrals: each with its architectural history; with its blunders in poor management; with its anecdotes that have now become urban legend (and part of the history); and with its dedication to one saint  or other. It’s in the travels I am making on the continent that I see the role that religion played in the continent’s history.

Places in Paris: Wine by One

Wine by One: Bar à vins, Caviste, Club de dégustation. We went for late drinks tonight and stayed for longer. If you enjoy your wines, try Wine by One. It is a wine bar, with a wide array of french wines, and a few very good South African wines on offer. A great concept that allows you to taste some of the best offerings in french wines and champagnes. The bar gives you a card that allows you to sample every wine in the house – with tasting size amounts or full glasses dispensed by the machines, according to preference. So if there’s that 800 euro (!) bottle of wine you’ve been coveting – you can drink it, at a fraction of the price at Wine by One.

Gastronomy in France: La Mère Poulard, Normandy


bc40c-dsc00792La Mère Poulard’s speciality is omelettes. The egg whippers sous chefs make quite a show of whipping the eggs that go into the famed omelettes. The egg whipping draws crowds. Seriously, a crowd gathers just within the entrance of the restaurant watching and photographing. Every now and then the maitre d’ comes out to ask people to move outside.
We had lunch there on our last day in Mont Saint-Michel. The restaurant  has a children’s menu that serves a small sized omelette or roast chicken. My children had the chicken and roast potatoes and I tried the omelette with scallops. Okay, it was a good omelette; the eggs had been beaten into submission by the sous chefs, and it was fluffy and tasty. It was a good experience, but value for money? Not quite.

Pretty things at Baccarat

I am such a girl. I went for the pretty crystal. I could say I was curious about the process entailed in making the crystal, the history of the brand, and all that stuff that does not sound as shallow or frivolous, but it wouldn’t be the whole truth. Yes, of course, I was curious about it all, but mostly I went to feast my eyes. I ended up doing more than just that though.

What began as an easy jaunt to the Musée Baccarat ended with lunch at the Cristal Room. When one thinks of Baccarat, crystal-tinted images of the luxurious brand come to mind. I have always associated it with just crystal, and only just learnt that the design house has, since 1993, been designing jewelry pieces alongside its highly coveted crystal ware.
After my tour of the museum, having had my fill of the gorgeous age-old pieces, I walked past the restaurant entrance, glanced at the menu, and made one of those impulsive decisions to stay for lunch.