Places in France: Jardin des Plantes

I am finding that school Holidays in France require a full itinerary. The luxury of just being outside in the garden playing is just that, a luxury. Even if the itinerary entails trips to the park, there still has to be thought put to the trip. Decided to fill my childrens’ days full of museum trips during the last school holidays – the weather was unfortunately not as cooperative, but we did manage a few trips out.

Places in France : Deauville in Spring

It’s not summer yet, but one can see the potential of the throngs of people that will gather once the weather warms up. As it was, on a chilly spring mid morning – the scarves, foulards and heavy jackets were all telling of the weather outside. We arrived just before lunch, after a toss up between staying in the apartment and watching the Golf Masters on TV,  or making the two hour drive to Deauville ; a beach resort in Western France. Deauville won out and it was well worth the drive.

Gastronomy in Spain: Carpe Diem, Barcelona

CDLC, Carpe Diem Lounge Restaurant and Lounge Club in Port Olimpíc combined all my favourite things- lounge music of course, chilled wine and fantastic food. We have not been disappointed in our choices of restaurants so far, but for one exception not even worth a mention. 
Buddha carvings- the decor is all circa 2000- think Buddha Bar. Lounge music. Chilled wine. Great food. Sun on my face. I could have stayed the whole afternoon but we had the kids in tow and our five year old did not quite see the appeal of lounging all afternoon. Pity.

Wandering eye in Barcelona

f0424-img_6024I tend to take fairly random photos when discovering new cities- or so they may seem until months later I see an image I captured on camera and it reminds me again of my trip – making my trips down memory lane even more memorable. Today we spent a fair amount of time walking around, taking random images and discovering Barcelona.
Here are a few images of Barcelona from my perspective.

Mojitos, tapas and sunshine

Being in Spain I feel like I should probably be having Sangria, but the Mojito has made a comeback onto my list of favourite cocktails for this week. Had some tapas at the waterfront today after Part 2 of our morning on the Bus Turistic. Kept it fairly simple, but it was surprisingly alright.  I say surprisingly because I am always wary of places that seem to cater strictly to the tourist. The food could have been arbitrary for all I cared – the sun my face was yet again all I needed.

Barcelona beckons


I would have been glad to just sit at a sidewalk cafe somewhere, people watch and feel the sun on my face. We escaped Paris for a few days to take in some sun and Barcelona did not disappoint. Did the tourist thing yesterday, the Barcelona Bus Turistic, Part 1.
Has early drinks at a lounge bar called Zahara near the Marina where we got a recommendation for Kharma, which was fantastic.
Loving the feel of the sun, and enjoying friendly Spanish hospitality- Mission: Savour Catalan Cuisine before we leave.

Zahara Lounge Bar, Barcelona

Friday night was our night of discovery. After our day out doing the tourist thing on the Bus Turistic, we had sundowners at Zahara– a lounge bar on the waterfront- not the glossy side, more the worn, weathered and less touristy. Had well-made mojitos, wine and listened to lounge music. I’ve said before that cocktails, sun and lounge music are the perfect chill out combination for me. Ola Barcelona!

Gastronomy in Bastille, Paris

A month ago, before the chill started creeping in we tried Le Bastille, right opposite Place de la Bastille in the 4th. A pleasant surprise all round as it was the first restaurant we sat down at. The fact that it’s right in front of the vibrant, popular and touristy square, I had half expected it to be over-priced and mediocre.