Root canals and power surges


My greatest fear is being in the middle of major surgery and having me re-gain consciousness on the operating table with my insides spilling out…Yes, I have clearly been watching too many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and House is great fodder for an already overactive imagination.

Being in the middle of a root canal procedure and having the power go off is also another of my many fears…and this is closer to reality for me given the unpredictability of Ghana’s electricity supply.¬†Yes, I know that every reputable dentist would have a back-up generator but this was all I could think of during my root canal procedure last week.

Malaria in a Malaria-free country

It has taken me almost two years to become sufficiently knowledgeable about all the symptoms of Malaria. But I have recently been educated, whilst in a country that is malaria-free. While still making nice in Nice, one of my brood came down with what began as chills – which I am guilty to admit were dismissed as “it’s cold in the apartment…it’s warmer outside”. We were stepping out to enjoy one of those balmy European summer evenings and to be honest did not give her complaints a second thought.

Soccer madness in a soccer-mad country

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pub or bar in Accra on a Wednesday night that is not showing a match of the English Premier Football League or any other regional match.

This is what we do here. We are keen followers of soccer, and true to form have been caught up in the fever of the 2010 World Cup; not only because it is for the first time ever being played on the Continent, but because Ghana’s national team – The Black Stars have made it into the next round, a step away from the quarter-finals.

Red wine in 30 plus degree temperature

I went to a tasting of the Beaujolais Nouveau last night at the Novotel Hotel. A rather lavish affair, with respect to the spread of food that was laid out.

Gooey soft cheeses escaping their moulds in the thirty plus degree temperature, charcuterie, bread and of course the famous Beaujolais wine.
I had my phone with me and yet I failed to take pictures of this lavish spread…I will get the hang of this.
The marketing concept behind the Beaujolais Nouveau has been nothing but phenomenal with respect to the brand awareness that has come out of it. Everywhere in the world, where there is a big enough French Community, the third Thursday of the Month is when all corks of the “new wine” are popped as masses around the world celebrate the new harvest.

From Zero to Hero

I am not on Facebook, I do not have a ¬†Twitter account, I don’t know what Instant Messaging is all about and as of this morning my preferred methods of communication were sms (no abbreviations or short form for me either) and email. To some, I am a ‘technology philistine’, but truly I was having…