Slumming it has become fashionable once again

Poverty tourism, slum tourism or the industry of poorism – whichever label you give it, I have always been very uncomfortable with it. When it is hawked as a cultural learning exercise – I am not even sure what that is really supposed to mean – I can understand it to a point, but on the face of it, it’s exploitative, demeaning and misery-as-entertainment.

Almost la rentrée again

The leaves are beginning to turn, which just goes further to confirm that it’s almost over. Les vacances with their hot summer afternoons and warm long evenings are coming to an end. The temperatures are dropping ever so slightly in the evenings, and the mornings are just a tad nippier than they were a few weeks ago.

Chinua Achebe : 1930 – 2013

I was around fifteen when I first read Things Fall Apart. It was a set book for our English class. We were, or at least I was, reading an account of Nigeria’s history – and more broadly Africa’s history – in the face of colonialism and not contextualising what it really meant.

Rethinking reinvention as a trailing spouse

imagesIt was when I created my LinkedIn page earlier last year that the reality of it all hit me. Writer and editor? That was exactly what I have been doing for four years now. Did I start out wanting to be a writer? Of course. Doesn’t everyone? I have not yet met a single person that has not harboured dreams about writing, and yet their reasons for why they are not writing are endless: when I stop working… when my kids are grown… when I can find the time…

It has begun…

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing about the Christmas markets in Paris. Well here we are again. Two weeks ago the Champs Elysees market stalls opened for business.
More markets will be opening up in the various arrondissements around Paris, all spreading the Christmas cheer. It’s seems a bit early – hearing Christmas carols in November, but it looks quite enchanting at night.

Post-rentreé funk

I have been caught up in a post-rentrée funk that I’m trying to shake myself out of. The vacances came and went in a bit of a blur. I am now trying to fall into a rhythm as the weather slowly changes from warm and balmy, to chilly and grey. My new mantra for this year: Write.…