The dotty collaboration of Yayoi Kusama and LV

“The much-anticipated collaboration between Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and Marc Jacobs by Louis Vuitton…” reads the Wall Street Journal article on what’s trending between art and design. Dotty? Absolutely.
I saw the window display last night, and Kusama’s polka dots have taken over the windows of LV’s flagship store. I enjoyed her  exhibition at the Pompidou a while back – I hadn’t realised I’d be treated to a freebie so soon. Even last night, without the winding queues that are synonymous with LV, the display still drew quite the crowd. There were murmurings of “crazy”, “interesting”, “weird”, “bizarre”, “wonderful” abound as I made my way around the crowds to snap a few shots with my iPhone . If anything, the display is eliciting reactions – is that not what art is meant to do after all? Brand watching has just become more interesting.

Visiting with the dead at Père-Lachaise

Ordinarily I would not go to a cemetery unless it was absolutely unavoidable, but living in Paris makes you do strange things. I spent a good part of a morning reading headstones and photographing graves. Yep! I did.

Le Cimetière du Père-Lachaise is actually a tourist attraction listed as one of the places to visit by most tourist publications. I was on my way back from some place else when I realised that the metro line I was on stopped at Père-Lachaise. I thought, why not? And hopped off.

C’est l’été!

The French celebrate the summer solstice with music. In and around Paris, as well as in other parts of the country there are music festivals abound. Free music shows from early this afternoon with some carrying on until the end of the week. Coming from a country where our celebration of the longer days and…

The Japanese revolution in France

Two months ago, Jardin d’Acclimatation had a Japanese exhibit in their gardens, with workshops, shows and presentations of all things Japanese. This following on the last Paris Book Fair in March at which the guest country was Japan. The Musée Guimet is dedicated to Asian arts and culture, and had a long-running exhibition on contemporary calligraphy, which ended on May 14th.
Not forgetting the annual Japan Expo from the 5th to 8th July that is billed as possibly the biggest Japanese expo in Europe, drawing close to two hundred thousand visitors.

And then the snow fell

After a week of reports on the big chill sweeping across Europe and my daily conversations with both our gardienne and the school bus driver about the  freezing weather, the snow finally fell in Paris. It facinates me to no end the endless conversations one can have about the weather in this country.

Indulging the nerd within at Bibliothèque Mazarine

The Winter Sales started today and I was trying by all means to avoid any place that would lead to encounters with shoppers. It’s crazy out there! I needed to write and was not getting any inspiration in the apartment so headed out to the library.
I must confess, libraries have always been my favourite places to spend time – I am a nerd that way. I grew up in Lesotho and some of my fondest memories are of visits to the National Library. It was not a huge library- although as a child it seemed enormous, but it was well-stocked. Precious hours would be spent here, where I’d lose myself in the worlds of Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis and later on Judy Blume. I still get a thrill from being inside a library; the muted sounds, the scholarly seriousness, the books… this visit to the Bibliothèque Mazarine was long overdue.

Galette des Rois

Suddenly the window displays and counters of my favourite boulangeries are lined with these pastries.
I became wisened to this celebration a bit late but it  happens around January 6th of the New Year or according to some on the first Sunday of January- the flaky pastry consumed is filled with almond and pastry cream and a small trinket is placed inside. It is then shared and the lucky little boy or girl that finds the trinket in their piece is King or Queen for the day. Lovely french custom.

Happy New Year!

With ominous warnings of a tough economic year ahead, despite what many felt was a rather hard 2011, revelers worldwide brought in the New Year with the usual amount of optimism and cheer. It was great to see. Watched it all from our TV as we ushered in the New Year with friends. Stepped out…

¡Adiós Barcelona, Bonjour Paris

I have brought back a few extra kilos and left plans to return again. Gaudi  will have to wait,  Catalan cuisine another time. I still want to play golf in Seville, enjoy the beaches in late fall and tour the monasteries, but all that will have to wait. I’m home.  Back to four degree (Celsius)…