Bidding Farewell to Ghana

In the midst of the flurry of activity around packing away our three years here; as well as the farewell teas, lunches and dinners, I almost forgot to write my very last post from Ghana. I am already thinking of how much I will miss the taste of shito with fried yam and kelewele on…

Femme Power!

My daughter, the feminist. In a random discussion a couple of days ago about recent age-appropriate sites she’d been on, she was outraged and confused that one said site had informed her that she could not start a club called “Femenists” (sic). “I just wanted to start a club that would discuss female leaders and how they inspire women in society today.” Clearly this was a bit too much for said site moderators, after all, revolutions have been started more innocuously.

Yesterday however ‘the site’ approved her Club and she was propelled again on her mission to recruit members and get the discussion going. A small win for an eleven-year old young lady, but today it was huge win for Femme Power as Christine Lagarde was appointed the IMF‘s first woman Managing Director.

In Numbers

Maternal mortality remains one of the biggest killers in sub-saharan Africa. In 2000, the United Nations estimated the number of women who died during pregnancy or shortly after birth at 529,000 (almost one maternal death per minute), of which less than 1% occurred in industrialised countries. These statistics are often bandied around especially as relates to health care but with no real connection as to what they really mean. I’ll be the first to admit that they are often just numbers until you break it down for me. Simply – maternal mortality kills 500,000 women annually around the world, next only to cancer or HIV-AIDS or similar.

To a genius with a golf club.

bef90-ballesteros3Last night I watched a Supersport tribute to Seve Ballesteros  who died on May 7th. Described as a maverick, daring and passionate…not words associated with golfers by any means. Yes, the likes of Gary Player and of course Tiger Woods have had their fair share of hyperbolic compliments heaped upon them, and deservedly so, but Seve was…bold. 

This was a player credited with words such as: “It doesn’t matter where you hit the drive if you make the putt” ,and other gems such as: “The more you go into trees, the more you have practice”.

Wandering eye: Paris Monuments

These are some of the pictures taken in Paris in the Summer of 2010. Taken from the top of Les Cars Rouges tour bus. It had just stopped raining after a scorching hot day, and the sun was coming out from behind the clouds again. Played around with the sepia colour on the edit feature. I like it.

What do I write?

I was at a Ghana Women Writers Forum a while back – a group that meets regularly for book readings, critique evenings and anything literary-related,  and the question that kept coming up all evening was: What do you write? A fitting question of course, given the milieu, the writer’s equivalent of being asked: What do you do at corporate functions.

 The answer is everything. I write lists: extensive to-do lists, lists of names from my childhood, things I enjoying doing, things I want to do, places I plan to visit, alongside my shopping lists. I write notes, to my family, to myself, in letters, emails and blogs.