Red, Gold, Green and Black

Collage made from fabric pieces

It was ‘Ghana Week’ at my children’s school, and I have learnt more about Ghana in a week than in my almost three years here. It has been a celebration of all things Ghanaian, and my knowledge, or lack of, was definitely tested.

What inspires me

 Who am I? 

A bibliophile. I believe you can never read too many books, and it irks me (deliberate use of a literary-sounding verb) that there are always so many books and so little time.

I read, I write, I golf (admittedly not as much as I would like given all the books I have yet to read), I travel (whenever the stars in my family’s life are aligned), and I am an unapologetic foodie.

Eat Mangoes Naked is one of my all time favourite book titles; it inspires the hedonist within and reminds me of the possibilities of unadulterated fun in everything, even the simplest pleasures. It reminds me that life is messy.  ‘Wanderlust’ is one of my favourite words, no explanation required.

Yoga in Ghana

Looking for an alternative to my normal cardio and strength-training exercise schedule I was introduced to yoga as a way to gaining more flexibility and a better use of my muscles that would not be too traumatic on my body, or so I thought. Traumatic it was not really, but it was definitely a test of my flexibility, or lack of, and I was duly humbled after my first session. Well my second actually, I had been dragged to a Bikram Yoga Class some years before because it was at the time  a new and growing fad. It the end I was really more fascinated by the potentially detoxing effects, from all the sweating than the real health benefits of long term practice.

‘Long Walk to Freedom’ for a five year old?

Two nights ago my husband questioned the merits of my reading Nelson’s Mandela’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom‘ to our five year old son.
Yes, it is a very good read and no, I am talking about the abridged and illustrated younger reader’s edition, by Chris Van Wyk. Up until that point I had thought it a great idea to teach him and his sister about some of the South African heroes responsible for the freedoms they now enjoy when they go home to South Africa.

One big dust storm

This is my third year in Ghana and the very first time I have witnessed the harmattan we are experiencing at the present moment. The dusty haze, the “setting sun” my son enquires about each morning – even in the recesses of his four-year old mind this is a new experience. There is general consensus…

Eating for a good cause…always a pleasure.

For a change this post is not just about food…well, not entirely. The signage directed me to ‘High Tea’ at Labadi Beach Hotel this morning and for a moment I groaned inwardly. As much as I love going for ‘High Tea’ at posher than posh hotels, I was really hoping that Labadi had deviated from the norm just a bit this time. They had indeed. I can’t remember the last time I had prawns for breakfast, but prawns it was, done tempura style. There were salmon and cream wraps, profiteroles stuffed with a variety of fillings, bacon-wrapped sausages and a huge array of pastries and bread. But we were there for a good cause and that made the experience all the more worthwhile.

Places in Ghana: Uzuri

Uzuri, meaning ‘Goodness’ in Swahili is a newly-opened gift shop in Labone
that stocks a wide variety of beaded sandals, woven handbags, kikoy cloth, earrings and decorative beaded pieces all sourced from Kenya.
It’s owner, and true entrepreneur  Caroline Ochieng, who has brought with her a bit of East Africa to West Africa opened shop in August this year.

A ship in harbour

I was on a warship on Monday night and it was quite an experience. Yes, it was docked and floating at zero knots – but I was on a ship that has been at sea for the past seven months – stopping at various ports around the world…the wanderlust in me was thrilled to no end.

Golf in the tropics

I was invited to play in a Golf Tournament this past Saturday. I have never played in as many golf tournaments as I have since moving to Accra. In Ghana, if you are a golfer, you must play in tournaments. Why? Well this is the only way to guarantee that your handicap will be adjusted accordingly. Why the scores submitted in non-competitive games do not count is beyond me.