The Newtown Graffiti Tour

It has been a while since I have indulged my other interest – that of all things art- so when the chance to do the Graffiti Tour- through the Past Experiences Tour company came up, I signed up. The tour was within the Newtown/Braamfontein area, but Past Experiences also covers other parts of Joburg, as well…

Fine dining at La Dame de Pic, Paris

This restaurant wrapped up our week of trying restaurants that we had always been meaning to. Anne Sophie Pic made headlines in 2007 when she became the fourth woman chef ever to be awarded three Michelin stars, for her family restaurant, Maison Pic. It truly is a man’s world in the restaurant world. We made a reservation for a Saturday lunch.

Lunch at Le Jardin, Geneva

Today was a scorcher! The intense heat we have been having for the past week is unrelenting. As I sat there on the terrace of this restaurant, overlooking Geneva’s immense Water Fountains, it took everything in me not to strip down to the bare minimum. Decorum overtook my desire to cool down. And I think this may not have gone down well with the management.

Beauté Congo at Fondation Cartier, Paris

The last time I went the Fondation Cartier was almost three years ago for the Ron Mueck exhibition. As with many of the Foundations owned by corporate companies in Paris, think Fondation Louis Vuitton and Fondation EDF, Foundation Cartier also showcases contemporary art.  The current Beauté Congo exhibition, which runs until 15 November, includes painting, sculpture and photography, as well as a music programme.

The Taste of Paris retrospectively

Building up to last month’s Taste of Paris event, the organisers of which  had gone to great lengths in advertising on billboards, television and other social media platforms, I pre-booked tickets online and tried not to get too caught up in the  hype.

Day one of the event was fairly lacklustre in attendance, and I dare say, in the offerings. There was an enormous champagne bar, courtesy of Laurent Perrier – and only one other drinks stand – which was really more like a corner café when compared to the LP stand. The only other places where you could have wine was the wine tasting stands, or the whisky stand if that was your thing. That alone should have been an indicator that the event had been pitched at a more wealthy audience, and touting more haute cuisine than simple good food.

Musée Picasso, Paris

I had friends from South Africa visiting Paris two weeks ago, and it was during our moments visiting the tourist spots and walking around Paris, that I felt that thrill I once did before I moved here. The old adage that living in a place is a far different reality from visiting it still holds true. I have become somewhat jaded in my perception of Paris, but since last week I have a renewed appreciation for all things Parisian. Wanting to not lose even a moment of that renewed curiosity about the city, I planned a Sunday outing with my children – something we used to do often before our blasé attitude towards Paris and its many monuments became the norm. The Musée National Picasso was our art and culture excursion yesterday.